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 Recruit for Lextalionis Clan*

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Data de inscriere : 2012-10-09

PostSubject: Recruit for Lextalionis Clan*   Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:55 am

Nick/lvl/class - iParadise/No nick yet/Class HK

- Age? - 19

- Country/Time zome - Greece/GMT+2

- Can u play on sieges? - 99% yes if are on weekends is no problem.

- How many hours do you play per day and week? - arround 10-12h p/d
- Has anyone currently in LexTalionis recommended you for the clan? Who? - No'one just i saw cadmus going alive and i would love to join the server and find a clan to play competitive and as a team.

- What other clans/allies/server's have you played in? - Server's:C6 l2sublimity/osiris Freya:l2divinity/l2stars H5:l2Destiny/L2World/L2silver(c6 clan was TheOldRepublic w/o allie. Freya to h5 Illuminati clan Tempest Alliance(RO clan/ally)

- What do u expect of our clan? - Be friendly and freemind ppl so we work all together as a clan and not for ourselfs mainly.

- Whats your gear? - Not Geared now cause l2cadmus is not LIVE yet :/.

- Have you read the clan rules and FULLY agree to ALL of them? - Y

- How can we contact you out of L2?(e-mail, etc...) - :skype username : satafak.

-Describe your playstyle. - My playstyle in all server cause mainly i play Tanks(Preferably PK/HK) i usually farm for my moirai hvy found set besides when clan members need help or we go for some rb's(tezza/freya/baium e.t.c..) i go with clan ofcourse w/e i do that time. I usually make bot for aq full subs certificates and after dlvl and down to aq. We can discuss more info's if i'll be accepted.
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Recruit for Lextalionis Clan*
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