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 Clan Rulles

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Lextalionis Leader

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Data de inscriere : 2011-12-04
Varsta : 31
Localizare : Iasi Romania

PostSubject: Clan Rulles   Sun Dec 04, 2011 4:11 pm


1. The main purpose of the clan - to receive full control over the world of Aden, improving PvP in it and the advantage of all
2. Clanleader is always right! The last and most important decision is always up to leader.
3. When some1 attack any player of the clan, he get support from members without any disscusion (attacked on one - then attacked on all)!
4. Unsocially and inactive clan members who don`t listen and not reacting to the warnings, refusing to withdraw from the clan of their own will be kicked by clanleader.
5. If you want to be away for a few days, you should always warn clan leader or warn on forum.
6. All the resources, recipes, keymaty throws daily in CWH or to the person announced by leader(colector)
7. Be Online without any excuses at Siege`s , Territory War and Clan Raids and when will be your Turn you`ll recieve What items you need for your class.
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Clan Rulles
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