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 Recruting RO

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Mesaje : 3
Data de inscriere : 2011-12-07

PostSubject: Recruting RO   Wed Dec 07, 2011 3:01 am

Nick/lvl/class - BGD/85/SPH

- Age? - 23

- Country/Time zome - U.K./ UTC

- Can u play on sieges? - yes

- How many hours do you play per day and week? - 5/30
- Has anyone currently in LexTalionis recommended you for the clan? Who? - ilux

- What other clans/allies/server's have you played in? - I play in /Iplay/

- What do u expect of our clan? - friendship and unity

- Whats your gear? - Vesper Robe SET +3 + atr ; Icarus Hall +3 +wind atr Vesper jewls set

- Have you read the clan rules and FULLY agree to ALL of them? - Yes

- How can we contact you out of L2?(e-mail, etc...) - ebogdan11"yahoo.co.uk

-Describe your playstyle. - tactical
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Mesaje : 23
Data de inscriere : 2011-12-03
Localizare : Cluj

PostSubject: Re: Recruting RO   Wed Dec 07, 2011 10:13 am

Hello BGD,

+1 from me, we are really looking for nukers these days.

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Lextalionis Leader

Mesaje : 27
Data de inscriere : 2011-12-04
Varsta : 31
Localizare : Iasi Romania

PostSubject: Re: Recruting RO   Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:49 am

How do we speak in game also

+1 from me too , we finish with clan penalty so we are glad to join us

PM IG Farinas
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PostSubject: Re: Recruting RO   

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Recruting RO
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